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Photographers & Videographers

Minimum Job Requirements:

Camera requirements

Video Camera Body:

  • Can shoot 1080 60fps (anything above is a benefit)

  • Examples: Panasonic GH5, Sony A7III, Canon EOS R, Canon 80D, Canon 6D MKII, Canon 5D MKIV, 


**Some form of stabilization required for videographers. Monopod, Zhuyin Crane, Ronin S, etc.

Photo Camera Body:

  • Full frame DSLR or mirrorless

  • Examples: Nikon D850 D750, Canon 5D, 6D Sony A9, A7R, A7



  • Fast prime lens 1.2-1.8 for low light

  • Zoom lens with wide range (Example 24-70mm)

Other requirements


Wedding Experience

  • Shot at least 2 paid weddings for clients

  • Shot at least one full bridal/engagement session


  • Shoot 4-5 weddings a month

  • Available to shoot weddings for Tolman Media up for 1 year 



  • Motivated to master your craft and constantly be improving

  • Good at communication. Answers texts promptly and willing to call brides


Meet your Area Manager

A Few things about me...
1. Hunting for sea shells is my favorite hobby.
2. I live my life by #yolo #fomo
3. Diet Coke runs through my veins
4. Sunshine is my cure all


My name is Chelsi Baker. I love trying new things, meeting new people, and finding happiness through it all.


I'm really excited to be apart of the Tolman Media team, their mission to capture stories through photos all over the country is something I am grateful to be apart of!


My schooling is in Communications with the end goal of being able to surround myself with awesome people, doing something that I love, and here I am!


At Tolman Media, I am excited to learn, grow, and help others along the way. 


I can't wait to work together as a team, all the while watching your business take off. 


I look forward to meeting all of you!

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